giovedì 12 aprile 2018

Live Like a Neapolitan does!!!

Exciting, emotional, inspiring

Are you searching for somebody that accompanies you during your holiday and experience in Naples? We will put you in contact with a new friends. Visit, eat and sleep in Naples with  Live just like a Neapolitan... Exciting, Emotional & Inspiring. Vascitour proposes experiential trips in Naples. You can eat and sleep in a Neapolitan home and visit the city in a new and alternative way because Vascitour links you with the local inhabitants. Live an authentic experience of culture, customs and traditions of places as an inhabitant and not as a tourist. Vascitour to connect travelers with the inhabitants.

                                      Bakery Esposito. Masters that produce the typical Taralli

Local friends for you

In the company of a local friend, you can visit the most popular neighborhoods of the city and experience the authentic life of the Neapolitans. You can visit the Spanish quarters, Forcella, the Rione Sanità, the fish market and the Porta Capuana market. You can take part in a cooking class to learn how to cook traditional dishes or attend a family home dinner in the heart of the city (social eating). Accomodation. You can sleep in a typical holiday home exclusively for you and your family. Our apartments are located in the city center so you can visit it on foot as often as you wish. 

                                      Appartament near Via Toledo

Gift for you, for your fiends or for business event

If you want to organize an holiday in Naples thaat is special for you, for your friends and for your family. If you want to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary or a business event, tou can easily request for a Vascitour experience! You can customize with our customer service. Fratammè' assistance that is a neapolitan friend that will make your holiday in Naples unique and suggestive, will assist you in the management of your journey. Send your request, insert your dates and in few time, you will be connected by Vascitour team member.